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Films and series will always be a topic of discussion. is a source of entertainment for many, and it stands out because it is easy to download films. The interface may not be that attractive, but it does its purpose. It offers an opportunity to watch movies that are free on Android and on your PC. You can compare this site to others like it by visiting


Skymovies for free online

In addition to being free, you can watch films in different formats, like in full-HD. The reason why Skymovies stands out against some paid alternatives like Netflix is that they offer subtitles. In India, not everyone can comprehend the English language. Subtitles in a film are a motivation for many as it addresses the language barrier.

Skymovies has fast servers, and the loading rate is appealing to the users; on the other side, most paid services load up slowly, thus wasting much time. In Skymovies, you can watch several films in one category without having to search for other sites, and it is all free and in excellent quality.

Skymovies for Android

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Android Skymovies is the most excellent software to watch free movies and series. You can watch from your Android device, and you have a guarantee of a fantastic time. To download Skymovies on your Android device, follow the steps below.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store
  2. Search for Sky Movies
  3. Once it appears on the list, click on it. It will automatically download and install.

Skymovies for PC

Unlike other free streaming sites like Filmyzilla, has no app for PC. You might get it mixed up with Sky Cinema, which is a paid streaming. On your PC, it’s best to access using your browser. Be warned though that your device is always at risk while visiting pirate sites because of malware and viruses. It is wise to invest in a good antivirus to keep your device safe as you enjoy free movies.

Can’t access Skymovies on demand

Do remember that piracy is illegal, so if it happens you can’t access Skymovies, then perhaps it’s because they have changed URLs like other free streaming sites such as Movierulz and Bolly4u.

For now, the live site is If you try to type in, you will automatically be directed to the site that is working for now. It’s the same with Filmyzilla, which brings you automatically to the newest site.

These sites often change their domains to avoid being banned. With Skymovies, you don’t have to Google the new site all the time because, as said earlier, you are automatically directed. Some streaming sites, however, brings you dead links, you may have to search in Google what the new site is.

Sites like Skymovies has a long list of free online streaming sites for you to visit, but for your convenience, let us give you a list here.

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Hollywood Downloads

Skymovies has excellent picture quality, which saves data on your mobile phone. Some die-hard followers of Skymovies call it the “undisputed king.” Concerning the streaming of series and movies like the excellent series, Breaking Bad. Breaking bad is a Hollywood series that hooks users to the site for the actor’s mischief. Their business(illegal), whose money cow is cooking and distributing meth. Their business grows to heights, but they must play hide and seek games with the police to keep the business alive. 

To mention, how irony plays out; the lead actor’s brother in law is the local town’s detective, yet he is the wanted!! They cross each other’s path every day because of the family factor. How better to entertain their followers than put subtitles on this thrilling series!! The more reason why you should take some time and check out the Skymovies website and enjoy this Hollywood series. 

Download Movies at a Fast speed, in HD quality

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With Skymovies, you can watch your preferred video or TV show even offline. That means you can view movies even without your internet and at HD. Of course, you will have to download first. For this, you might need a faster internet; otherwise, downloading HD movies might take longer.

The download speed, proposal interface, and the quality of the files are some of the aspects to consider when selecting what to download. When you’ve decided, you simply click on the film and then click on the download button just beneath that movie screen.


Sky movies: how does it work?

Simply type in on the address bar, and you’ll be directed instantly to the page. What greets you is a list of upcoming movies and new uploads, followed by a category list of mp4 downloads and another category list of HD Avi movies. The bottom-most list would be special services, which include a request for movies, a list of music, and contact information. You simply click on what you want to watch or the category that you want to explore.

How to download Skymovies HD movies?

On the homepage of, you will see a list of HD movies in mp4 and another list of HD in Avi. These two lists have categories like Hollywood movies, Hindi Old, and Bengali among others. Click on a category, and you will be directed to a list of collections. Click on any collection, and you will find movie titles. Choose the movie that you want to download and click on it. On the next page, you will see the download button smack in the middle of the page. Again, click on it, and that’s it.

Why is Skymovies not working?

Most of the time, it will not work because it has already changed URL to avoid being banned. Don’t worry because even if you type in the old URL, you will be automatically redirected to the new one, so you won’t miss anything from Skymovies.


Will you visit the skymovies website? It is the best pirate website leading in the best leaks of movies, series, and TV shows. With the availability of a mobile app, accessibility to the website increases. Anyone with a smartphone can download the app and get entertainment at its best.

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