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Entertainment is the blanket name for music, dance, games, comedy, romance, and anime (movies or series). Anything that relaxes you, while taking your mind off a typical day’s hassle is entertaining. You can get the best new movie releases on from Bollywood to Hollywood collections in the Hindi language dub. Check out for other streaming sites.


On, you find all types of movies, series, and TV shows ready for download or live streaming and it’s all for free. You don’t have to sign up or login on this site, because it is open for any user. It is a site that uploads pirated content, which makes it face bans by the government anytime there is a strike on other pirate sites. 

It is ironic how pirate sites are still popular and run indiscriminately. They upload and update illegal content, which the government of India is working day and night to finish. The developers of these sites make sure that they connect to their followers through social media pages, which are equally popular. not working?

The Indian government has made it clear that piracy is illegal. Still, pirate sites like Bolly4u, Jalshamoviez, and Movierulz are rampant and notorious in providing films and series in different Indian languages like Tamil, Malayalam, South Hindi, and Hindi. A user can visit and download Hollywood, Bollywood and Kollywood movies all in good, and high quality. 

All the content available on pirate sites is illegal but free. The only setback that comes with visiting these sites for the user is the risk it poses to his device. You can unknowingly transfer viruses from these free sites to your Pc or smartphone. These viruses can damage your device permanently. The movie dubs are in Hindi language, South Indian, and Hollywood Hindi.

Keep off pirate sites

Disclaimer. There is a disclaimer section that says, “If there is a violation of the copyright rules, on the site, then we can inform by mail.” Once you see this message, the related content disappears immediately. However, every material that is uploaded on this website is against all copyright laws.

The exciting part is that a user does not need any login credentials or requirements. A user goes to the website directly to download a movie or series of your choice. You also find famous TV shows like the famous WWE show. 

What next after a Ban?

Like other pirate sites (Jalshamoviez, Bolly4u, and Movierulz), also receives bans but it manages to escape. Their escape route is the conventional method that all pirate sites use, which is changing of URL as many times as it is necessary to survive. The above domain extensions are all proxy sites to, and they upload the same content like the original site.

As the best site in uploading new quality movies for free download, its frequent users to different domains have only good things to say about the place.

Movies are in different languages

Besides the Hindi language, other Indian languages in movie dubbing on are Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, and Punjabi. From the site’s homepage, the website layout allows you to see all movie categories. If you can’t see the movie you wish to watch, just send in a request from the search box, and it will appear.

There are more risks associated with these pirate sites. You may click on a provided link and it opens elsewhere, know that anyone can steal your data or corrupt your device if this happens. A link opening elsewhere means that once you click, it does not take you to the expected site but a strange one.

It is illegal to distribute copyrighted content without permission. Stringent laws are set to safeguard copyright material from pirate pest sites that cripple the vibrant movie industry in India. This post is informational, and in no way does it support piracy to the public. Stay away from pirate sites as they can land you in trouble with the law. 2019

You can download Mp4 movies, Bollywood, Hollywood movies from, both the latest releases and classics. The site is famous for mp4 movies available for download on mobile phones. It is an online downloading site like all other mp4 movie sites to download. It is one of the big names where downloading the content of mp4 movies is free, and they are all in HD quality.

mp4moviez screenshot

You can download movies in Tamil, Punjabi, English and Hindi languages. leaks the latest mp4 film, TV shows, web series, and famous shows like the WWE show, and they are all available for free download. There is a broad list of online movies on Mp4moviez, Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies that are available without any restrictions to access them. 

Movies available for download are in various languages and quality such as HDRip, Bluray, HDrip, DVDscr, and MP4 format. They all download very fast, and at high speed. Movies are in separate categories, which broadens the download platform. All movie lovers can find their favorite film in different languages like Punjabi, Marathi, Hindi in mobile formats, or mp4 movies. Bengali movies, Tamil mp4movies, Gujarati movies, Telugu, Mp4 movies, Hindi TV, and all movies are in HD quality. The current URL is, but below are mirror sites that work the same, updating the same quality content.

Latest Mp4moviez Website URL


How to access Mp4moviez Online

Accessing any pirate site is illegal, and so is downloading the content they upload. Indian laws prohibit them all. We recommend that you avoid these sites by all means possible. 

How safe is Mp4moviez? Since you are aware that piracy is illegal, there is no ground to justify it, no matter how good a job they do. According to its users on social media, there are only positive comments and praise. By visiting these sites, you face risks like viruses, spyware and data theft. When downloading content from pirate sites, there are pop-ups that appear randomly. Some pop-ups carry spyware and they download automatically to your device as you download your movie. When you start to play your movie, they install automatically to your device and begin their destruction.

Remember, your device is unsafe when you download movies on Mp4moviez. We recommend that you seize to browse these sites or download their content. Embrace the old school way of doing things and visit cinema halls or theatres. Better still, you can subscribe to payable websites like Netflix or Amazon Prime and enjoy any movie or series at a fee.

How does Mp4moviez earn Revenue

Any complete download you make on Mp4moviez earns the site money through the pop-up advertisements that interrupt your movie download briefly. The Mp4moviez website faces the ban once in a while, resulting in a brief disappearance.

Besides the site’s free offer, there are movie dubs in different languages and quality; they are in different categories with subtitles. Mp4moviez is a mobile app that you can download and watch movies free on your android. All videos are in groups, which makes it easy to search for a film of your choice. They have playback and resume licenses in standard quality, which saves data on your phone. app for Android

navasdesigns phone

The Mp4moviez mobile app allows users to watch free movies on android devices, iOS, smart TV, and Pc. Meaning that with any of these devices, you can access the site from anywhere. On Mp4moviez, you obtain free Hindi movies in different qualities. Most of the app and catalog are in English. You must download Hindi Links4U, which is a software that allows you to access and watch free movies from your device in Hindi. Mp4moviez is not on Google play store because it does not meet the Google standard.

Data consumption by such apps is so high that using regular mobile bundles might not get to complete your download. Mp4moviez mobile app gives you access to stream or downloads movies for free. Don’t miss out on it by not being connected to useful internet. WI-FI is preferable for this kind of download.

Mp4moviez App for Android

Downloading Mp4 Hollywood and Bollywood movies is common to movie enthusiasts. Visit the Mp4moviez website for free downloads of all the latest movie releases in Mp4 format. You can browse through the long lists of Hindi or Tamil in Mp4, HD movie quality. People love this site because of its vast collection of videos on the site. Any movie lover can enjoy this website, including those with an eye for HD quality. 

Hollywood produces over 500 films annually on average with an audience of 2.6b in the whole world. Bollywood produces more than 1000 films annually with a worldwide following of 3b. Bollywood is 11 years older than Hollywood; however, Hollywood took over the market immediately after its launch before Bollywood ruled again, and it has maintained the position ever since.

navasdesigns download

Information on APK

  • App Name – Mp4moviez
  • Version – V3.0
  • Filesize – 1.4MB
  • Requirement – Android 4.0 and above
  • Language – English
  • Last update25 Dec 2018LicenseFree

How to use Mp4moviez APK

Mp4moviez APK has unique features, and it is only right for you as a user to know about them. As a movie lover, you will love everything about the app. 

  1. Mp4moviez gives you access to watch a movie of your choice 
  2. You can download a video and watch later
  3. Always make sure you use the current app version as it has bug fixes that prevent your app from crashing after using it for a long time.
  4. Their servers are super fast, which is an advantage to the user as you can stream or download videos at a rapid speed and still maintain quality.
  5. It has a simple user interface for users to navigate easily through the site
  6. It works on all android devices
  7. The Mp4moviez app is light and takes up little space on your CPU or smartphone

You can download films on your mobile phone and also access premier movies of the year from your smartphone. Remember, Mp4moviez is the best app to download new films for free online, at a fast speed and in high quality.

Sites Like

Make your movie selection and enjoy the audiovisual connection to the world from your hands. Vast movie categories with the best quality ranging from 720p-1080p and how better to enjoy than the opportunity to watch your favorite movie from your smartphone. 

Mp4moviez is available on Android, windows and android TV and the official website. You obtain access to the best films and series all for free. Below is a list of Mp4moviez domains.

  • Mp4moviez.fu
  • Mp4moviez.nn
  • Mp4moviez.ccv

Other sites like Mp4moviez would include Bolly4u, Movierulz, and Jalshamoviez. You can check for other similar sites to Mp4moviez.

How To Download Movies in mp4moviez?

People spend their leisure time doing different things. How do you spend yours? Are you among the active ones who visit friends, shop, clean, or do you enjoy a passive activity like watching films or listening to good music? Mostly, young people prefer to laze around and search for free videos online, because money is not one of their life pleasures.

Well, sites like Mp4moviez are here to fill in the gap for them. You can access these sites online and download whatever kind of entertainment that works for you. A movie lover knows where to get their favorite movies, and where else other than Mp4moviez. Mp4moviez website is the place to downloading new release movies in HD quality and Mp4 format. 

How to download

Since this site is illegal, we cannot guarantee the safety or management of the intellectual or industrial property. Download the Mp4moviez mobile app for free and enjoy its comprehensive movie billboard collection that loads up quickly without losing its image quality.

Users Testimonials

“I have used the website for a year now, and I can’t complain about it. The site opens fast, and it has all the information you need to know about the latest movies on the site.”

Download free movies on site with thousands of classic movies, a fast download speed that gets better by the day. The site interface is quick with fast courteous customer care.

Watch movies online on with the super support system. All videos available on this website are new releases, and classics too. Don’t spend your money elsewhere. All you need about movies are available on this site for free, and in the end, you will be satisfied with the findings. 

Watch over 2,500 films, on, new and old. This site is simple to use for everyone. You are at liberty to choose your movie, language, size, and format before downloading. 

Crazy about new release movies? Visit where movies upload after one or two days after the original release, whatever the movie size or format, the movie quality never changes.

Your initial visit to hooks you up to go deeper. You access new and old movies and full information about every entertainment, including comedy and horror in Hindi.

Why the Mp4 Format is popular

You can access all movies in Mp4 format, which is popular because it is light and straightforward. Meaning it takes little space on your device. Mp4 film is not easy to obtain. Still, you can find them on the Mp4moviez website both Bollywood and Hollywood optimized with features that help you locate the kind of movie you want. From the site’s homepage, you can see all movie categories and the trending videos from the top. In case you don’t know what you are looking for, type in the title on the search column then search. The movie appears with the download links and all the information about it. A download button is most likely below or next to it, and you can click on the link when you are ready to download.

Hollywood movies create a deep impression in people by their creative nature and a fantastic storyline. Bollywood movies present real social stories with deep affection that help people relate to them. Bollywood movie fans regard Mp4moviez because it uploads the latest films in Mp4 format and in Hindi and they all have subtitles. You can depend on the Mp4moviez website because it is reliable. All movies are listed by their date of release or popularity. 

Significant differences Between Bollywood and Hollywood

  • The highest-grossing film industry is Hollywood
  • Comparing Bollywood movies to Hollywood movies, Bollywood is more extensive in coverage
  • Bollywood produces more films in a year than Hollywood
  • Hollywood movies are mostly in English while Bollywood movies are mainly in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, South Hindi among other local languages

Bollywood and Hollywood Movie Focus

Bollywood represents the Indian culture, and it is mostly in the Hindi language. They are characterized by songs, dance, drama, and suspense. Hollywood is the leading American film industry responsible for producing and distributing English movies around the world. Hollywood films capitalize on fiction, action suspense, comedy, horror, romance, and so on.

Se; ki, a web cartoon app that you can download and enjoy the cartoon series from a mobile phone. It also has social media pages where you can connect with other users. Watching or streaming content online is best when you have a good internet connection. Mobile network bundles might not give you quality downloads, but Wi-FI will download a movie as it is on the site. Connect to Hai networks, which is a fast fiber connection. Hai accommodates all needs from personal to home networks with large internet consumption. 


How To Download Movies in mp4moviez?

People spend their leisure time doing different things. How do you spend yours? Are you among the active ones who visit friends, shop, clean, or do you enjoy a passive activity like watching films or listening to good music? Mostly, young people prefer to laze around and search for free videos online, because money is not one of their life pleasures.

How to download

Download the Mp4moviez mobile app for free and enjoy its comprehensive movie billboard collection that loads up quickly without losing its image quality.


Free movies online are good news for any movie fanatic. Mp4moviez is the place for you to download any latest movie or series, whether Bollywood or Hollywood, in the best quality. The website is well organized for all users, and it is simple to navigate. From the homepage, you can see all movie categories, and if not, you type it in the search box, and it appears in seconds. Their servers are super fast, which is a guarantee to fast access and download without loss of quality.

Remember that piracy is illegal and punishable in a court of law. Avoid all pirate sites and get your movies from cinema halls or movie theatres. This post is entirely informational but not to encourage PIRACY. Is everything about MP4moviez here? If not, feel free to share it with us. You can also drop a comment or opinion in the comment box below.

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