Moviescounter: A Definitive Guide to Free Movies (2019)

Since watching movies has become part and parcel of our daily lives, some developers have taken up the task to provide videos, series, and TV shows for free online. There are tons of other online websites that provide movies for download without having to pay a coin. Most of these sites don’t ask for registration or membership. Check Navas Designs for other streaming sites.


One of the best sites that provide free online movies is MoviesCounter. You find categories of new series, movies, and TV shows for free download. These free sites are referred to as pirate sites because they upload pirated content moments after the initial airing of the original movie or series. This online portal offers pirated movies in English, Hindi, and Tamil. It is a pirate site like the many others that provide free videos to download online.

How to Access MoviesCounter

Famous for uploading new release movies, Moviescounter ensures that they are in different Indian languages. It ranks as one of the biggest names in Indian Piracy business. Users access fresh downloadable content, which is of good quality. On a weekly basis, Movies counter notoriously leaks the latest HD movies, Tv shows, and series, conveniently free for download. Always browse the site to check what is new, as there will always be something sizzling on the walls of the movie counter for you.

You also find a long list of free movies ready for download in various categories and formats like HDRip, BRiP, BDRip, HDTC, and DVD SCR; and the good news is, they are free and of good quality print. Did you miss your favorite series on TV? You can catch up with the same episode on MoviesCounter. Here you can stream it live or download to watch later.

How to open MoviesCounter

Find the latest movies on Movies counter website, all dubbed in Hindi. They also publish newly released movies without legal rights. In 2018, more than eight movie piracy sites shut down in Chennai for piracy-related crimes. Movies counter also uploads full HD Hollywood latest movies and also dubs them in Hindi. 

In 2018, Movies Counter was popular with a massive following. There were movies in all languages like Hindi. Telugu, Kannada, all with link downloads. Movies counter has no authority to distribute illegal movies, as this move causes friction with the Indian government. 

The Bollywood industry has suffered significant losses all thanks to the ever-growing piracy sites like movies counter that never relent no matter what the government does to counter their growth. Millions of people have access to these illegal sites. 

MoviesCounter Features

Movies Counter manages to gain fame by providing dubbed movies. Uploading new release Hollywood movies, then dubbing them in Hindi is their business.

A few days back, “In the Tall Grass 2019” hit their site and users swarmed the website to download it. Available movies are in 720p, 480p, and full HD formats. It is a Canadian horror film filled with drama. It is the story of a young boy who cries out for help in the fields, and a brother and sister go out to assist him in the area of grass in Kansas city only to discover that there may be no way out, and there is a lot of evil happening. The film is almost two hours long. 

Another mirror site to MoviesCounter is, and it is fast gaining popularity. The site is a little over three years old, with a following of almost 400,000 users worldwide. It is estimated to be over $24M with a daily earning of $4,600. It has no adverse reports or threats which has qualified them for Google ads and so it is SAFE to browse.

Their .wtf extension is also catching up, and it is estimated to be $8.95M and a daily income of $0.15M. It has the same credit of no adverse reports making it safe for downloads. 

Moviescounter for Pc and Android

Bollywood movies are also available for download in various languages and formats. They are accessible via your smartphones, PCs, or any android device, on sites like Download the free moviescounter apk file to your device and have access to all these movies. Apart from film, there are also other available movie categories like Dual audio 300MB, Bollywood 300MB, South movies 300MB, Dual audio 720p movies, Dual audio 1080p movies, Hollywood movies 720p, Hindi Dubbed, Punjabi, 720p, and TV shows. All new releases of Hollywood movies are on this website.

Moviescounter latest URL/New Link/New Domain 

Piracy in India is rampant and illegal: there are government crackdowns on pirate sites all the time. A setback of being in a blacklist is like a time bomb to them; the moviescounter website keeps changing its domain extension to avoid being caught up by the antipiracy cell. Movies Counter has a series of new URLs or domain names, making it difficult for the government to track them. The website has been blocked by the government several times, but they always activate a new link with its domain name.

Unblock Movies Counter

Accessing and downloading pirate sites like the moviescounter is illegal. This post is not a boost to piracy but to inform the public. You should watch movies from theatres or subscriptions. However, if you decide to download or watch your favorite video on the movie counter, visit their website. If you attempt to access the moviescounter and find that if it is blocked, you can use a VPN to access and download movies of your choice directly.

Is it Safe Downloading Movies from Movies Counter website?

All pirate sites are illegal to access and download content. Users are well aware of these facts, but they still make it to these sites. Why? You may wonder! Well, movies are free, you watch or download at your pleasure; you require nothing but your presence.

As you download or stream a movie, many ads interrupt the process. They may not take long, but they are a disturbance. Most of these ads come from untrusted sources, and they can infect your device with deadly viruses. As you download your movie, they also download, and once you play your video, they install automatically, and they are unstoppable. Speculations point to the government trying hard to frustrate all the users who access these sites as a preventive measure to stop the spread of the vice. PIRACY.

Pop-up ads have software, Roofkit, and that automatically downloads the moment you begin your movie download. Install an antivirus on your system to deal with these virus-carrying pop-ups. Still remember these sites are illegal, and so is the content on the websites. In a nutshell, it is not safe to access or download content from these sites.

Sites like MoviesCounter  

Here are some sites that offer similar services as MoviesCounter. You can also visit Navas Designs for more sites that you can check for movie streaming and downloads.

navasdesigns movie reel

How does Movies counter earn Revenue 

Even though pirate sites avail free movies online, it is not to say that all they do is charity work. Pirate sites have a massive following. These users are not just people who peep and leave, but most spend their time here and download stuff too. All complete downloads are direct financial benefits to the site owners. The pop-up ads also earn them money as long as they run on the site. There are the latest Hindi movies in full for free that are popular among millions of users. 


How to Download on Moviescounter?

Visit the site using their URL. On their homepage, you can see all available movie categories to select a movie from. Make your choice and click on it. All the movie details will appear and you can download it to your device.

How to access

It is advisable to always use a VPN to access any pirate site and moviescounter is not an exception.

How to open

Always keep track of the current URL to access moviescounter. From your browser’s search box, type the URL and search. You will open the site’s homepage.


Visit the moviescounter website to watch or download free videos online, in one place. This site avails movies in thousands and they don’t ask for your details for registration or membership. IT IS ALL FREE TO ACCESS.

Do you love movies? Take time and visit Moviescounter to download the latest videos. If you have more information about Movies Counter, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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