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You may be wondering where to get the popular new movie or your favorite series, yet your pockets are dry. Yes, this happens, but worry not. Your solution is here. Getting the best movie quality at your disposal and many more for free is awesome with! If you want to see more streaming sites, visit


Some websites offer free movies and series downloads online. Movierulz is where you stream the latest, up to date Bollywood, English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu movies on one website and watch for free. 

Movierulz offers a wide selection of downloadable series and the latest movies. You can download the Movierulz app on your phone or computer 

Why Movierulz?

If you love movies, then this article is here to rescue you from spending more money on cinema halls. You will access and download videos online for free or stream them. The thing is, if you are into Bollywood Movies or English movies translated in Telugu, this is your best option.

Download the Movierulz app to your phone or computer and enjoy your favorite series or movies for free whenever you want. The 2019 is the second in popularity when it comes to sharing portals and pirated movie content. You freely access High-quality HD Movies, in downloadable formats for each movie and series. In just one click, you save the videos on your device, in high quality and high resolution, using download torrents.

What is available in Movierulz

Hollywood movies dubbed in Telugu are now available to watch free online in High quality in 720P and 1080P. Talking about new releases, people tend to search for alternative online free movie sites that release fresh movies. 

movierulz screenshot

In every passing second, there is a probability that millions of people search, watch, or download free online movies. If you are into Telugu movies, then Movierulz must be right for you. Talking about the quality, as stated, it is excellent! also provides links to free downloads. The resolution type provides up to 1080P in quality. They know the quality of each movie, and the series presented. Did I mention that film in multi-language dubs? Yes, they are! From Hindi, English, Telugu, and Tamil. 

Apply caution when surfing

When downloading free movies, please be cautious while searching and surfing. Why? The cyber shell, which monitors all active downloads every day. To be safe, while surfing the net especially on free download sites, 

  • Know the rules and guidelines before using portals 
  • Don’t get trapped! 
  • Check the links provided if they are legit 

Why Pirate Movies are illegal in India

Piracy websites, the likes of Movierulz, Tamilrockers, Tamilgun, Filmywap, create a shortcut between real filmmakers and their audience. The main problem is that this shortcut does not benefit the filmmakers but pirates.

Piracy is a crime, and everyone should stay away as a show of respect for the film industry. It is tempting to anyone who needs a movie or series and perhaps has no money to spare. The next move is to turn to the free content available online, hence promoting piracy!

Piracy is a crime

navasdesigns camera

The Government of India banned some sites which provide downloadable links and pirated movies. It is under the piracy law. Beware, and take note of the above before downloading free videos. The search engine platform quickly directs you to movie portals. Movierulz changes it’s domains to avoid the ban or getting caught. 

Copying of copyright material without permission is illegal not only in India but all over the globe. However, many people still do it. Let this not scare you because 2movierulz has a way of going about it. The increased cost of movie halls is one of the many reasons why people are still in favor of free movie sites online. 

Piracy leads to Losses

Yes, it is free to download a movie online on these sites, but the big question is, at whose expense are these services free? Filmmakers break their backs making these films but end up not benefiting as they should because a lot of money is channeled to pirates. Take a personal step to help curb the vice by buying authorized movies. People love free things and they will jump to the next free offer without a second thought. 

Movierulz is a piracy site popular for notoriously uploading the latest English, Bollywood, Punjabi, Malayalam Tamil and Telugu movies. On their website, you can watch any video online for free. Besides the latest Telugu and Hindi movies, they also update news in Hindi.

Fighting a Ban

Movierulz uploads the latest Hindi films the same as what other sites like Bolly4u, Mp4moviez, and Jalshamoviez do, and it is also the home of Hollywood, Bollywood, Indian dubbed films, Marathi and Bangla films. The fact that Movierulz is a pirate site means that the web owner is in a constant battle with copyright laws.

The Indian government has banned Movierulz several times. They always find their way back. Be cautioned while using this free to download websites as it is dangerous.

Google’s ban on the Movierulz Website

The government of India is against all pirate sites. It identifies and blocks them all the time. After blocking 3movierulz, the website owners quickly converted to 2movierulz. The act of switching from one domain to another, it has become easy for the pirates to elude the government. It has proved hard for the government to monitor the pirates and keep up with them. These websites have a team of software engineers who are solely responsible for keeping these sites out of reach for the government.

How does Movierulz manage the Ban? uses features that are not on other free online movie portals, which makes its operation kind of secretive and undetectable.  

  • The use customizations on their themes and provide user-friendly format download access portal, web designs. So 2
  • You can access from any platform available. 
  • By upgrading their websites, users can search for movies in different categories such as Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, and more. For dual playing capability, make sure you have the GOM player or the VCL player. 
  • Watch or stream movies on Movierulz as you download

Brief ad interruptions

Downloading videos is free of charge, only a bit of interruption by ads. Talking about the advertisements, you download free movies, as the website earns income through ads. Be patient and let them run as they are either 10, 20, 30, or 45 secs utmost. also has the latest release of music videos. It’s all free content, easily accessible in one place, which draws more people to use the website.  

Keep in mind that downloading methods from any website is different. Analyzing traffic and data can be one of the easily accessible means. Visit the website of, check the movie formats then download it to another site. 

navasdesigns download

How to Download Movies

All downloadable links are under the movie post. Internet speed may affect the rate of each movie downloads, check it before commencing. And there you go! Your movie download is on your device. Here’s the juicy part, while downloading any movies, you can stream the same or a different film and watch as you wait. 

Download Movies from Movierulz

All these free websites provide the same services to users. They ensure that their internet servers are fast enough to download all kinds of movies. The Movierulz homepage is well designed and simple for easy access to the film. All movie categories are in Telugu, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, among others.

Begin by visiting the 2movierulz .com website; you see that their homepage is simple. All movie categories have a list at the top of the page by name. You can down in different formats like, 360p,480p, 720p and Full HD 1080p.

Best Site for free online movie downloads

There are tons of sites online offering free online movie downloads, the same quality as the original piece; gives you details about other sites too such as Bolly4u, Skymovies, Mp4moviez, and Jalshamoviez. However, with, you get to download Malayalam, Hindi, English, and south Hindi movies. They are all in dubbed in Hindi and local languages and HD quality. It is a pirate site, but it provides secure content for download. the 

Movierulz is the biggest name well known for uploading the latest films online, ready for download. Today many people are always browsing the internet looking for something that would interest them. It is a perfect idea to visit Movierulz, and indeed you will be amused by the content there. 

How to Open Movierulz

The Movierulz website has a simple interface to help you locate what you are searching for and download easily. Before you download, remember that these free movie sites are illegal. Also, it is unsafe to download or access any content from here, although they have massive followers. 

Movierulz Telugu movie uploads are in thousands daily. Several websites offer free movie downloads. Still, Movierulz is the best site for downloading the latest movies, TV shows, and the newest series. Its servers are of high speed with high-quality HD content and small size files in all movie categories like Telugu, Malayalam, Bollywood, Tollywood, and Hollywood. 

How Movierulz Works

Movierulz has a user-friendly site with an outstanding interface. However, these are not the only features that make it stand out besides the free online download of the latest movies released.

The web is well-designed that once you log in, you can see all available categories and services available. Movies are in 300MB format, dual audio, Telugu 2019 for films, or 300MB dual audio Hindi 2019.

Can’t Access Movierulz?

Films are free on Movierulz 2019. It is one of the best websites for downloading free movies online. Rakshasudu 2019 HD Rip Telugu full movie watch Saho. After the initial release, Movierulz, leaks it on their site immediately. The film print is excellent quality on Leaking new movies is a trend that never dies with Movierulz. Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood movies are all pirated and leaked as soon as the original airs. The famous avenger series is in three languages on Movierulz. 

Recent Leaks on Movierulz

  • Every 2019 HD Rip Telugu
  • Gang leader 2019 & cr Telugu full movie
  • Spiderman fa from Home 2019
  • Gubbimele Brashmastra 2019 HD Rip Kannada full HD
  • Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas 2019 Rip Original
  • The family man 2019
  • Rambo last blood
  • Bundobust 2019

New domain List for Movierulz 2019

After the block by the Indian government, you can still access Movierulz on the internet because they only alter their domain extensions. They maintain the domain name but change the extension after each blocking attempt by the government. Sometimes they don’t even wait for the actual block. If they sense a looming crackdown, they run for safety by changing to another domain extension.

If you want to access these sites, never worry that the government might have caught up with your favorite free movie provider. The sites prove to always be a step ahead. Movierulz is ever accessible on the internet.

Keep Track of New site Links

You are at liberty to download free Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi films on Movierulz. Google blocked the Movierulz homepage, which is not as strange as the government of India struggles to block all pirate websites with help from all quarters. Always keep track of the new links the website is using. Below is a list of domain names belonging to Movierulz 2019

  • Movierulz.gdp
  • Movierulz.ce
  • MovierulzPic.
  • Movierulz.vcn

Reasons why Free Online sites are Popular

The internet is available to everyone, and it is all you need to download movies online. With the many free sites available all offering free online downloads, users browse mainly in search of them. Sites such as Bolly4u, Mp4moviez, Skymovies, and Jalshamoviez compete to outdo each other hence better services for the user. At, you can read more about other similar sites.

You might wonder how these websites evade blocks and get back on the air. They have tech gurus behind the generation of these eye-candy websites. They make sure that the sites keep attracting more users too because as the traffic grows, the better for them in terms of earning by advertising there. 

The internet today

In the past, people only had the option to watch a channel or radio. If one managed to buy a movie, they would watch it either on a DVD machine or VCD. But today the internet has revolutionalized everything. You can watch anything anywhere on your smartphone and watch it later. 

Telugu movies online 2019

For the lovers of Telugu movies, both the latest and classic movies welcome to Movierulz the home Telugu movies bother new releases and classics served in abundance. People have different movie tastes from Action, Romance, adventure, Classic film, among others. Whatever your category, all these are available on Movierulz.

Get the Best Telugu Quality

Click on your favorite category and find out the latest upload under that specific category. Each movie has its quality details like, 140p, 240p, 360p, 720p,and 1080p in HD. There is a smaller size file format, but also the quality is guaranteed. 150MB, 250MB, 350MB,450MB, 700MB, 1.2GB.

A good internet connection allows you to download any movie quality and size as provided on the website. Due to the government efforts to ban illegal sites, Movierulz makes sure to change its domain extension often to ensure its business as usual for the,m. Their back up team is on top of the job and puts the website back after just a few minutes of the ban. They back up the site after each download, and that’s how they learn of any hindrances.

Best Telugu movies in 2019

As soon as a film is released, Movierulz is fast enough to upload it to their site. These movies uploaded in hours after their release

movierulz telugu
  • Brochevarevaru Ra 2019
  • Kalki
  • Maharshi
  • Chitlahari
  • Majili
  • Mr. Majnu
  • NTR: Kathanayakudu
  • i smart Shanker

Can Free online downloading sites be Safe?

Any website facing a ban for whatever reasons can be accessed by the use of a VPN(Virtual Private Network). How to go about it on a Desktop

  1. Open your browser and search for VPN extension in Google
  2. If it’s not visible, you have to download it first
  3. After installation, an earth icon appears next to the search box 
  4. Click on it then select protect me
  5. Change your country to the US
  6. Now use the 2019 links provided in this post to access the Movierulz website and find your movie

Movierulz For Android

navasdesigns android
  1. You must download a Turbo VPN to your smartphone
  2. After the installation of Turbo VPN, open it
  3. On the top right corner is the earth icon. Click on it
  4. Use your browser to go to the pirated site using the links given

Download Movies on Movierulz in HD

Watching a high-quality movie is merely sensational. Since many sites are offering free movie downloads online, stick to the best-known Website, which is Movierulz. Different websites are programmed differently, but the Movierulz site is easy and straightforward to navigate through. Follow the steps below to download HD movies. You can use the same steps on any website.

  1. Open your browser
  2. Turn on your VPN
  3. Copy and paste the latest URL for Movierulz on your browser’s search box
  4. select a category
  5. Under each category, there are all movie uploads 
  6. From the page, locate the download button and click on it

Movierulz Latest Movie download Website

Generally, Indians love movies to the extent that they idolize their actors. In TamilNadu, the craze about Rajnikant is nothing new. When there is a new release, fans have a festival to celebrate it. Movierulz provides viewers with just what they desire, making it accessible and a movie lovers hub.

Movies are in Different Local Languages

The movie content available on the Movierulz website is in the following languages, from the menu bar on their homepage. Telugu, English (Hollywood), Hindi (Bollywood), Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, AdultPunjabi, Hindi dubbed movies, Telugu dubbed movies

movierulz telugu

Language Barrier

There is a perception that if it’s free, why then should I pay for the same thing elsewhere! Indians are movie enthusiasts, but there is a language barrier problem. Most of the movies uploaded on these sites are mostly in Hindi and the Hollywood movies with Hindi subtitles or dubs.

Most people might not know that these sites are illegal unless one is conversant with technology and has a nose for news.

Latest Movies Online on Movierulz 2019

When it comes to video piracy, one name stands out, Movierulz it is. A well-known site for leaking movies just released as soon as it is released. Even after strict measures by the government to streamline the film piracy, movie leaking is still happening.

Movierulz Website, movies are arranged alphabetically, and you can search for videos by name from the search box. If not interested to download, you can stream the film online and enjoy watching.

On Movierulz, website, you can add subtitles to change the quality of the video using features provided on the site. From the movie page, you will find movie details about the movie.

Is Movierulz Safe?

Piracy is illegal in many countries. The Indian government warns an offender. Still, in cases where they are adamant, they can be jailed, fined, or both penalties. The laws might not be as strict or people who stream, watch, or download.

It’s rare to get arrested for it, unlike the person who uploads the content online. You may not go to jail for downloading or streaming a free movie online. However, there are other concerns about using these free online movies.

Install a Good antivirus to your device

Movierulz earns money through ads and redirects that could lead you to sites that can damage your computer or device. Some of these redirects contain malware and viruses that damage your computer or device. You can install a good antivirus for your system. 

Movierulz Proxy sites

These are alternative sites that Movierulz uses to broadcast its content. They offer many kinds of quality to watch or download like Blu-ray, DvDscr, HDRIP in different formats like MKV, MPEG, Mp4. Besides movies, there are movie collections that users can download. Latest video hits from various artists. If Movierulz is blocked, then these proxies are in constant business.

Accessing Movierulz after a ban

A mirror site shows you how to bypass the block through ISP(Internet Service Provider). There are so many proxies that if one is blocked, then the rest still work typically. Continues to download your movies or series because they offer the same quality content, just like their mother site. 

Movierulz – Proxies Status – Speed

  • Movierulzs Online – Very Fast
  • – Online – Very Fast
  • – Online – Very Fast
  • Movierulz – Online – Very Fast
  • Movierulz – Online – Very Fast
  • – Online – Very Fast
  • – Online – Very Fast


How to Download movies in Movierulz?

1. Open your browser.
2. Turn on your VPN.
3. Copy and paste the latest URL for Movierulz on your browser’s search box.
4. Select a category.
5. Under each category, there are all movie uploads.
6. From the page, locate the download button and click on it.

How to open Movierulz?

The Movierulz website has a simple interface to help you locate what you are searching for and download easily. Before you download, remember that these free movie sites are illegal. Also, it is unsafe to download or access any content from here, although they have massive followers. 


The advancement of technology helps a lot of people to access the internet in many ways. Back in the day, the source of entertainment wasn’t as natural as it is today. Times have changed rapidly due to advanced technology. The gadgets in our everyday life are a source of education or entertainment.  

They help access information on net fast and more comfortable than before. You are also able to download and use it later. Where do you get your movies online? Movierulz got your back for all your entertainment needs. Only a click away. If you are not a member, this post should get you on the bus today. 

Is there anything you would like to add to Movierulz? Feel free to leave a comment or an observation below. 

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