Dvdvilla.pro: The excellent Online site to download Movies(Free)

Dvdvilla.pro is a torrent website that avails movies for free to download online. You can watch movies dubbed in Hindi or even stream them and watch from the site. All videos on this site are in different formats and the best HD quality. Instead of subscribing to paid networks like Netflix, check navasdesigns.com for other sites where you can stream movies.


The fact that paid sites like Netflix have strict access regulations, it is not a translation of perfect service. It is not a wonder that you can find many movies and series on DVDvilla and miss them on Netflix. New movie releases and the trending ones quickly upload on this site in excellent quality.

How to Download Dvdvilla

Dvdvilla has an android app that you can download to use on your smartphone for free. It has movies in categories, making it easier for the user to navigate the website. All videos available are in standard quality, which means the download will also be easy; it will save you time and your data too.

There is a vast collection of movies ranging from Bollywood to Hollywood movies, series, and TV shows all fresh leaks just hours or days after the original release. Downloading the app gives you access to content more on the site from the palm of your hand.

Watch or Download Movies on Dvdvilla

To get the best results from dvdvilla, connect to Wi-Fi for excellent results. You will are sure of smooth downloads maintaining the print quality just as it is on the website. All movies are in different regional languages, and to further impress the site users, videos also have subtitles in Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, to mention but a few.

It is advisable to download and enable third-party applications always to will allow you to translate a site to the language you understand. The Hindilinks4u is the perfect software for this kind of connection. Pirate sites in India face bans from the government, which works so hard to finish piracy in the country, but its efforts always hit a snag. Pirate sites have over ten domain extensions that they use if one is shut down. Moments after one place is disabled, another is up and running with the same quality. Changing domain names makes it tough for the government to meet its objective of ridding the film industry of piracy.

Information of Dvdvilla APK

  • App Name – Dvdvilla
  • Version – V3.0
  • Filesize – 1.4MB
  • Requirement – Android 4.0 and above
  • Languages – English
  • Last Update – 25 December 2018
  • License – Free

Features of Dvdvilla APK

Dvdvilla is an excellent app with features that help a user to access and download movies for free. These features endear users to continue using the app and probably inviting their friends to download from the website.
You are at liberty to download any movie for free

  1. Download videos to watch later
  2. The latest app guards your device with bug fixes that guard against crashing due to frequent use.
  3. Super-fast servers that facilitate fast quality downloads.
  4. It is a light app that takes little space without interfering with the normal operations of your device.
  5. With a user-friendly interface
Dvdvilla New Site Links

Dvdvilla is a notorious web portal for uploading the latest Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi, Malayalam movies for free. The site has a tremendous following and comprehensive internet coverage. It is a norm for pirate sites to face bans by the government, but as it is their way out, they switch to new domains. Their proxy sites have the exact content as the original website, and it updates often. Below are active mirror sites.

  • Dvdvilla.vip
  • Dvdvilla.me
  • Dvdvilla.cf
  • Dvdvilla.in
  • Dvdvilla.fu
  • Dvdvilla.cl
  • Dvdvilla.pro
  • Dvdvilla.nn
  • Dvdvilla.ccv
  • Dvdvilla.fm
  • Dvdvilla.us
  • Dvdvilla.com
  • Dvdvilla.cc
  • Dvdvilla.ml

Sites Like Dvdvilla

There are many sites like dvdvilla with excellent movies and a wide variety to stream online. A lot of TV shows available online as long as you have a good internet connection. Check out the following for some other movies to stream.

navasdesigns clapper

The movie collection online will not leave room for monotony. Studies predict 80% of the world’s internet traffic will be online film streaming. Online traffic may disappoint you and push you to look for alternatives. There are many providing almost the same content, so it’s best to know where to get them.


How to download Dvdvilla

Download the Dvdvilla APK from the internet for free and access the website from anywhere. You can download any movie, anytime and also get alerts when anything new uploads.


The internet has thousands of free online movie sites with free download links to each movie. Pirate sites upload their content often to keep their followers aloof with new trending content. Your pleasant experience on navasdesigns may be interrupted by random advertisements, but they pass in seconds. These ads are the primary source of revenue for these free sites. Enjoy any movie, series, or TV show from Dvdvilla with a promise to the latest releases.

Piracy is illegal, and it can land you in jail. This article is purely informational, with no intention to promote PIRACY. Any comment or observation concerning this post is welcome in the comment box below.

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