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Dasiboda.net is a Korean website that is still young in comparison to other sites offering free content online to download. It is the most popular Korean site meaning that most of its traffic comes from Korea. Ranking by Cute Stat it is one year eight months old. It is a domain having a web extension. This website is approximated worth of $ 8.95 and has everyday earnings of around $ 0.15. 


The website’s host is CloudFlare, Inc, and its managers are in Montreal, Quebec, in the United States. Dasiboda ranks as high as 293,325 in the whole world and 3,900 in Korea. Google reports show that it ranks low on Page ranks, as well as poor results in the Yandex topical citation. Websites gain mileage in fame for what they do by socializing on media platforms. However, dasiboda does not appear in social media, which translates to its low popularity among users. 

Dasiboda Proxies

Like any other site offering free content online, dasiboda is also a mother to several subdomains, which suffer the same predicaments as their mother website. 

  1. Dasiboda.is
  2. Dasiboda.co
  3. Dasiboda.vip
  4. Dasiboda.org
  5. Dasiboda.cc 
  6. Dasiboda1.net
  7. Dasiboda2.com
  8. Dasiboda3.com
  9. Dasiboda.live.com
  10. 1dasiboda.io


Results that have come up from trackings since April 2011 show that the site ranks as high as position 5 in the world, with most of its traffic coming from the USA, where it ranks in place 10 receiving 1.15% of its total traffic in the USA. Its previous owners are several entities known as Microsoft Corporation Domain Administrator and Domain Administrator of Microsoft Corporation. In the beginning, its first registrar was CSC corporate Domain INC. And currently, it has moved to CSC Corporate Domain INC. 

According to Google, dasiboda.live is the lowest and wrong citation in terms of Yandex. The site is not well socialized on social media portals. Google and Mywot collectively classify it as safe according to their browsing analytics, and it is safe without visitor reviews. Further descriptions show that it is a site secure for children, and it appears legit without any traces of fraudulent acts. The absence of visitor reviews could mean that the user reviews are non-existent, or the domain is unpopular, not well promotes though it is safe and promising. 

To create the dasiboda review, we depend on other sites’ reputation that comes from the available data on the web hence no guarantee on its accuracy. Regarding mistakes that may occur and scam sites pass as legit, your Pc may be negatively affected. However, our findings so far are accurate, including site advisors like MyWOT, which clears the site as safe for children.


Tracking from June 2019 shows that dasiboda.net ranks in position 47,699 in the world, with most of its traffic comes from Korea, and it takes place 2,330 in Korea. Dasiboda receives less than 1% of its total traffic, and its host is Cloudflare. Google page ranks are the lowest and also adverse results from Yandex topical index. It is a safe domain, according to Google analytics, with no visitor reviews. 

Pageviews, in addition to the number of visitors, are too low to display its traffic analysis. It has subdomains with no considerable traffic to show. The site is not optimized, and Cloudflare, Inc hosts it, and it is safe to browse as Google puts it. 


This domain has trackings since July 2019, and it ranks as high as position 26, 949 in the world. Most of its traffic is from the USA, where it is in area 3,852, and its host is Cloudflare Inc. Its Pagerank on Google is the lowest and bad result of indexing. It is not on social media portals it is safe without any visitor reviews as per Google reports. Dasiboda’s worldwide audience is 23.4%, which mainly forms the USA, where it is on position 131,491.

Generally, dasiboda’s total visitors are 22.9k and daily page-views of 114k. Its subdomains have no considerable traffic to report neither is the site optimized. One reason can be penalization, or it could also be lacking valuable inbound links. The site has no social media pages, and its host is Cloud flare, Inc; it is safe to browse going by Google findings.


Tracking records since December 2018 reveal that it ranks high on position 51,049 in the world. Most of its traffic comes from Korea, where it is in place 4,876. Its host is Cloudflare, Inc with the lowest Google Pagerank and also not so good index results in Yandex. The site is safe without any visitor reviews and no social media reports. It gets 76.1% of its general traffic from Korea, ranking at 4,876. Daily visitors are 19.9k and pageviews of 69.7k daily. Its sub-domains have no significant traffic to report; no optimization of the site; neither are they on social media platforms. 


Since September 2018, the tracking on this site show it ranks 63,599 in the world, and most of its traffic is Korean, where its on position 11,610. Its first registrar is Namecheap Inc., but now it is Go Daddy.com LLC. Again, its Google ranks are lowest with inadequate index citations on Yandex. It is deemed to be safe to browse as the domain has no visitor reviews whatsoever. 67.2% of its total traffic comes from Korea, where it ranks 11,610 with daily reviews of 50.8k and the same number of visits. Dasiboda subdomains have nothing reputable to report on their traffic, and the site is not optimized, nor is it on social media portals.

Dasiboda.vip. The site’s tracking goes back to August 2018, where it ranks at position 66,719 in the whole world, and its host is Cloudflare Inc. Findings on Google show that its page ranks are lowest with bad index results from Yandex. It is not on social media pages, neither SEO, but it is safe to browse. It has no traffic to display. Nor does it have visitor reviews with a total of 15.6k visitors and 45.2k page views daily. 

Dasiboda.org. Google reports that it has the lowest Pagerank, bad index results, and it is not on social media portals. Its review is from July 2018, and it ranks on position 3,680,313 in the world, and Cloudflare, Inc hosts it. There are no considerable subdomain reports about its traffic, and it is not Optimized.

Sites Like Dasiboda

Here is a list of sites that are similar to Dasiboda. You can also stream and download movies. YOu will find even more sites on Navas Designs, so explore the site.

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Any website that ranks on google and is accompanied by useful reports; then, it qualifies as legit. Dasiboda is one of these sites, and you should visit the site without any worries. You can also visit Navas designs to explore more sites that upload content online, and they have multiple, functioning subdomains. This post depends on data findings online, and as said above, all dasiboda sites are legit and safe to browse. We appreciate your reading the job, and if you have more information on Dasiboda, your opinion is welcome in the comment box below.

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