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Music is a favorite by both the old and the young in equal measure. You do not have to depend on buying CDs and DVDs to listen to or watch your favorite tunes. Today’s era is all about the internet and smartphones, and you are in an excellent place to enjoy any music in peace. Harm yourself with these two, and you can explore the world of music, either the latest or old music. 


Bestwap website is a notorious piracy site and famously known for providing the latest Mps songs in video and audio. Did you hear about it somewhere? Look it up on this website because it does not disappoint. You even find songs and videos you never thought are there. Search the site by artist name and be among the first people to hear it. 

The Bestwap website provides pirated Mp3 songs for downloads, and it operates from the United States. There are Bollywood and Hollywood movies all dubbed in Hindi. Piracy in India is is a crime punishable by law. However, they leak content every new day, which is pirate, of course. The Indian government has done so much to curb piracy, but its efforts have turned futile as these sites keep flourishing. The government raids all pirate sites to block them, but they still resurface. 

Use Bestwap to Download Movies

You find Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Mp3 songs for download. Most of these movies uploaded by Bestwap are in Bengali, Punjabi Tamil, and Mp3 songs. As much as Bestwap provides all new versions of the latest releases, they are all pirated and illegal. The website allows its users to download and watch movies and series freely whenever they want. Since piracy is illegal, it is advisable to stay away from these websites. If you are a new user, first gather enough information about Bestwap, then decide if you will go on or not.

Bestwap provides links to download Mp3 songs, which you can be sure are not in short supply at all. You don’t have to register to download or access this website for your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood in Hindi and Mp3 songs. Bestwap is famous for providing any Mp3 songs and also be able to browse through a massive collection of films. The website is well organized for the user to find all categories of Mp3 songs easily. 

Do you know how to Use Bestwap?

All 2019 new releases of hit songs are priorities on the Bestwap website as well as new movie releases too. If your interest in the latest versions of songs, you download them from the category labeled “Trending.” You find the categories with music listed in Mp3; you can see the number of listeners even without clicking anything. 

Music is in albums with various languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil, Kannada Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati songs. Movies and music are in different genres like Bollywood, Romantic, Devotional, Ghazalas, Bhajan, Patriotic, and Kids songs, to mention but a few.

Artists that feature most are Arijit Singh, Nasha Kakkan, Honey Singh, A R Ramadhan Lata Mangeskar, and Justin Bieber. All the above artists are on the wall’s latest, and their new music is always uploaded, with subtitles in Hindi and the other local Indian languages.

Bestwapin Categories

On the Bestwap homepage, there are categories of both songs and movies from horror, thriller, romance, comedy, and adult movies. All groups have movie titles, formats, and links. The videos available are like Bollywood 300MB, Mp3 songs 700MB, Hollywood 300MB, Tamil Mp3 Songs, Telugu Mp3 songs. All these categories are Hindi dubbed. 

  • Bollywood Mp3 songs
  • Dual Audio Mp3 song
  • Hollywood Mp3songs
  • South Hindi Dubbed Mp3 songs
  • Bengali Mp3 songs
  • Cartoon and animated Mp3 songs
  • Punjabi Mp3 song
  • Tamil Mp3 songs

The above categories feature music videos, films, and TV shows. After searching and finding your favorite Mp3 song or video, find the location of the download button, which is certainly not so far from your chosen content.

How to Download Mp3 songs from Bestwapin

If you are not a computer person, you may find it challenging to navigate through a website like this. However, if you pay keen attention to the website page, you will be able to go about the download business just fine. Read to understand before initiating any downloads, as this move can lead you to download the wrong things. Be careful not to download trojans or viruses or malware and damage your device. In piracy websites, infections are a common occurrence, so you need to be extra careful about what you click. You can take a further step of installing a good antivirus to help you keep your device safe. 

Different websites have different methods to make downloads. They are all configured differently, but nothing you can’t handle. Follow this guide to download business on Bestwapin. Make sure your internet connection is fast to make it easy for you.

  1. Access Bestwap using their latest link and click on whatever song you want to download. Search for your song from the search box just in case you can’t find it easily. 
  2. Once your song of choice loads, there will be a download link next to the song
  3. Click on the link and follow the popup instruction

Mp3 songs on Telegram

Visiting the Bestwap website increases the desire to download Mp3 songs online. However, remember that accessing free content online from pirate sites is illegal, and it can land you in court if not jail when caught doing it. You may not find these websites openly on the internet, but it is easy if you have the links. 

Telegram has become enormous support to these sites as it uploads mp3songs and allows for download from there. All categories available on their website are also on their telegram channel. Some websites have download links beside or under the movies or songs. You click on it, and it takes you straight to download. 

Benefits of Downloading from Bestwap

  • All the downloads that you make are free
  • Quality of the Mp3 songs are a good print
  • You quickly find Mp3 songs or films that may not be available online

Bestwap App 2019

The Bestwap app is suitable for users who love watching movies a lot and videos online. You don’t have to know what you want. You can choose by going through available content or story outline and trailers. Browsing the website can also cause you to change your mind on what you came in looking for initially!! You will also come across recommendations of other good films or songs chosen according to your search history.

The smartphone today has been turned to a movie hub which is convenient for anyone. It is responsible for many activities besides making phone calls and sending texts. If you have never used your phone for any other purpose, then you have not maximized its use. It is a good source of entertainment during long travels, or anytime you feel tired and bored. Now its time to add Bestwapin to your smartphone and enjoy anything you want just a few clicks away.

Download Movies from Bestwap proxies

Once you download the Bestwap app on your phone, you can now access content in HD quality for free everywhere you go anytime. Mp3 songs for the recent years and famous series are updated every Friday on Bestwap to download Movies on from the proxies below.

  • Bestwap.trend
  • Bestwap.v
  • Bestwap

Bestwap has good reviews internationally, meaning they offer nothing short of quality. There is a classic section with over 500 movies. There is also the horror section for those who enjoy high adrenaline levels, and Mp3 songs that are top on international billboards. A weekly update ensures that you don’t miss out on any developments in the entertainment world — website updates on your favorite categories to your phone in the library extension on the app. 

Bestwap App Features

  1. Watch or download a wide range of movie categories from your phone
  2. Their servers are fast and responsive eliminating server errors
  3. Content is in genres for easy access
  4. You create a playlist according to the styles you love
  5. You can find your favorite dubbed version of a film or song on the mobile app

Install the Bestwap App

  1. Download the Bestwap APK from Google
  2. Once the download is complete, search for the Bestwap APK from the downloaded folder on your device
  3. Allow installation for unknown sources
  4. Settings>Security>Device Admin>Unknown sources
  5. Click on the Bestwap APK and select install
  6. Wait for the installation to complete

Bestwap APK

  • Version – V 3.0
  • Filesize – 1.4MB
  • Requirement – Android 4.0 and above
  • languages – English
  • Last Updated – 25 Dec 2018
  • License – Free

How to Download Bollywood mp3 songs

  1. Go to Google and search ”Bestwap” Many pirate websites will popup but look for extensions like .pro, io, or .in. 
  2. Search from the selected website
  3. Many download buttons will appear but choose the right one to avoid ads

Sites Like Bestwap

The government of India work so hard to curb piracy with the help of the police. They have blocked many pirate websites by raiding their domains. However, they always come out of it fast as though nothing happened; then continue providing pirated content of both Bollywood and Hollywood Mp3 songs.

Pirate sites make sure that they have many URLs ready for them to redirect their websites in case they are caught up in a government swoop. That’s how they quickly get back after a ban. Navas designs is a website with a collection of free online sites where you can download or stream content free online.

navasdesigns clapper


How to use

This is an online app that uploads music videos and movies in different formats for free online. You can listen to selected music online or download to listen offline.

How to download movies from

You can access the website from your browser. Searching the website URL takes you to the site’s homepage where you find an extensive collection of movies arranged in categories.
Choose a movie from one category, click on it and the movie details appear including a download link. Click on the link and your movie begins to download.


Are you ready to download Bestwap? There are tons of free online websites. Still, Bestwapin stands out for providing the latest music videos, films, all listed by category, and an artist’s name. You get useful quality downloads. Developers ensure that all mirror sites have the same content, so don’t worry about that. 

Kick out the boredom phase and enjoy your free time watching a new release movie or listen to songs that are trending from your favorite artist. Has anything been left out about Bestwapin? Share the link this link as you drop your comments or opinion in the comment box below.

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