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Are you fond of watching movies and TV series? Then, grab your popcorn for we are going to reveal some of the top streaming sites that offer free movies and TV shows.

Navas Designs is a platform that collects movie URLs /sites that are working today. Some of these websites have been restricted in the past due to security reasons. However, for the purpose of helping you guys, we also collected these sites’ alternatives and their new domains as well.

About the Writer

Danny is a movie-goer and a fan of TV series. Among the many genres, he likes documentary and comedy the most. But he admitted that going to cinemas and buying tickets are expensive. In addition to that, subscribing to premium plans on Netflix can also be costly.

That is the reason why he started to find streaming sites that are free to use. And so he collected them to help other movie fans watch their favorite shows without purchasing or spending.

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If you have any questions, please contact us. We are always willing to help you.