3Movierulz.tv: A Complete Guide (2019)

Getting entertainment online today is almost a norm in anyone’s daily life activities. Browsing the internet to download a movie or pass the time can land you in some interesting places, though not all. 3movierulz.tv is one of those places you will appreciate landing on, whether accidentally or by fate. It is a pirate site that mainly provides movie reviews, Movie trailers, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, both new and old online for free download.


Many online torrent sites provide free content for the public to view or download at pleasure. Most likely, no restrictions against these sites, so anyone can access them and make good use with a good internet connection. You may wonder how if you have not explored these sites and the truth is you are missing out on the best thing ever. Visit Navas Designs for more streamig and download sites.

Free Bollywood and Hollywood Movies Online

3movierulz is a mirror site to movierulz, which is also a pirate site that uploads free content online to download. The site is famous for continuously uploading illegal content despite the vigorous unending fight by the Indian government and antipiracy cells. Be sure to get a treat of new and latest movie releases of Indian movies, Tv serials, and songs. Mostly all this content uploads on the first day of their release date or telecast.

The heinous acts of distributing stolen content bring fame to 3movierulz and other torrent sites. The content that they upload is high quality and in different formats. The most common ones are HD, 720p, 1080p, and even smaller file sizes for ordinary people, and they are all for free. The content on 3movierulz is a match to the original site movierulz. 

Movierulz New Domains 2019

Pirate sites go through bans by the government at some point in their existence, some even severally. The government bans have resulted in the torrent sites changing from one domain extension to another and also running different websites at a go. This tactic helps them slippery to government raids, and they remain in the illegal business. The website name remains the same, but only the extension changes. However, all torrent sites are not safe for anyone, and it is only suitable for you to stay away. 

Following the crackdowns by the Indian government and antipiracy cells, you will find that one site has over 20 domains that could all be functioning. A note is that no matter how many fields are for one website, all content aired is the same. Mirror sites are proof that they manage them centrally. Below are the new links to movierulz.

  • Movierulz.ht 
  • 3movierulz.com 
  • movierulz.nz 
  • movierulz.it 
  • movierulz.ps 
  • movierulz.gd 
  • movierulz st 
  • movierulz.pe 
  • movierulz.ce 
  • movierulz.plc 
  • movierulz.vc 
  • movierulz.pl 
  • movierulz.pc 
  • movierulz.vt 
  • movierulz.hs 
  • movierulz.hps 
  • movierulz.vpn   

2Movierulz 2019

Movierulz uploads all new movies in Telugu, Tamil, Telugupalaka, Kannada Malayalam, Hindi dubbed videos free. After a long fight, cyber cell and Antipiracy cells successfully bring down pirate sites and take legal action against them. Movierulz’s leading site was under a ban hence disappearing. The government, in conjunction with Internet Service Provider(ISP), Search Engine Platform(SEP) to get it out of Google search following numerous complains from media companies. 

Bans bring panic to movierulz fanatics, wondering where they will get free entertainment until the return of the site. The new website has all new movies ready to download in HD just like before. It is a long, tough journey to step piracy as these sites must survive by hook and crook. 

Latest Information about 3movierulz

Like the other torrent sites, 3movierulz is a piracy site that struggles to survive amidst government crackdown and raids aimed at seizing them. Besides all the endless efforts, they are still prevalent with millions of followers. You can watch newly released movies through the net. Every single day millions of people download millions of movies online on this website. Find films, serials, new releases, new song videos, web series, and other programs.

Because the content is free, people flock the site daily for the significant valuable content. Open access is also a motivator, and it makes people crazy. The website is attractive, which increases their traffic without much effort trying to optimize their site. All pirate sites are illegal, and those that the government has not managed to ban are illegal. Free is such an attraction, and it doesn’t mean a smooth journey. It can cause you trouble and harassment.   

Sites like 2movierulz

Today the internet has thousands of sites that upload free content for download. However, many are not up to date neither do they have a good quality print like 3movierulz. Navas Designs is a website with many options for free online sites that update consistently with several download options. Visit the sections below, and you will not regret it.

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2Movierulz website

Video piracy is a central act that makes movierulz stand out. It is famous for leaking movies just as soon as it is released. Even after strict measures by the government to tame film piracy, movie leaking is still rampant. On 2Movierulz Website, movies are in alphabetical order, and you can further search for videos by name. If you worry about your device’s storage space, you can stream the video and watch it from the website. The movierulz website adds subtitles to videos using features provided on the site. From the movie page, you will find all the movie details.

Is it Safe to Watch Movies on Movierulz?

Piracy is illegal in many countries, which is why the Indian government warns the public all the time. If you get caught while at it, they can be jailed, fined, or both. The laws are strict, but the torrent site managers seem to be brighter than anyone else fighting them. People who stream, watch, or download may not be in serious trouble like the one providing the content. It might be difficult to get arrested for visiting a torrent site, but it is part of your responsibility to help fight them. 

You may not go to jail for downloading or streaming a free movie online, but either way, you are in support of unlawful practices. However, there are other burning concerns about using these free online sites. Movierulz earns money through ads and redirects that could lead you to websites that can damage your computer or device. The ads pop-up at random, and there is no way to stop them. 

Some of these redirects contain malware and viruses that damage your computer or device. You can install a good antivirus for your system to remain protected. 


Entertainment is part of us, and what better way to get it than freely? Visit 3movierulz for a variety of new and trending videos from all over the world in different languages and excellent print quality for download. You can download or stream the films available on the website without any charge or demand to register for anything. 

Piracy is a criminal act which is punishable in a court of law. This post in no way supports these heinous acts of piracy. Stay away from piracy sites and their free content. Your comments, observations, or opinions concerning this post, you are welcome to share with us in the comment box below

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